About Orphans in Quraan

Did he not find you (O Muhammad SAW) an orphan and gave you a refuge?
And he found you poor and made you rich (self-sufficient with self contentment) ?
Therefore, treat not the orphans with oppression And repulse not the beggar. And proclaim the Grace of your-Lord..

The above passage is the translation of verses 6-11 of the Sura Ad-Duha (93) of the Holy Quraan. In these verses Almighty Allah has given some vital directions to the Holy Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon him, with regard to the orphans and the poor and through him to the entire world.

Three things emerge from what Almighty Allah has imparted in the above passage. Firstly, that the Prophet was born orphan and poor so that the orphan and the poor may not be looked down by any one, as the highest dignitary of the world viz Hazrat Mohammed (Peace be upon him) himself was an orphan. Secondly, that the orphans and the poor should be helped in their distress and none should be harsh or repulsive to them.

It is the duty of all to help them in all possible manner. Thirdly, Almighty impresses upon all His creations that He is all powerful and can do or undo anything and everything, and thus all praises and due to Him alone and full reliance should be kept in Him.

This is not the solitary reference to orphans in the Quraan. References have been made at several other places as well for treating the orphans with love and care. Not only have the orphans in penury been asked to be helped but also the orphans who have inherited huge wealth from their fathers are to be helped in receiving the full benefit of the inherited wealth. Those who take up their guardianship have been asked to hold such wealth in trust and deliver it to orphan when he /she attains majority without causing any loss to his wealth whatsoever. They have been warned that if they willfully neglect, squander or misappropriate any portion of the trust, their bellies will be filled up with the flames from the hell.

Thus is quite clear that orphans have been given a prominent place in Islam and all the faithfuls have been asked to respect this position and adhere to the directions of Almighty Allah.


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